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Business Partners

Think of Me When:

  • ​You own a Daycare, School or Church and you want to encourage kids to remain drug free!

Think of me when:

  • You need a Revenue Based Loan

  • You need a Cash Flow Loan

  • Desire funding to purchase major equipment

  • You are denied by your primary lender.

  • Thinking of taking money from 401k.

  • ​Desire funding to start, Run or Grow your Business.

Alana Diaz Sutton

Alternative Business


Chris Bridges

​Award Winning Speaker & Financial Coach

Think of me when you need Insurance for:

  • ​Life

  • Auto

  • Home

  • Renter

  • Motorcycle

  • ​You feel you are paying too much for insurance.

  • Not satisfied with your agent or company

Richard Van Dyke

Helping Kids stay Drug Free

Frank Valdivieso

Information Technology


Think of Me When:

  • ​You are denied for anything based on credit.

  • You desire to buy a home or a car. 

  • Your Church, nonprofit, family reunion or community is coordinating a financial literacy program.

  • You need protection against identity theft.

Al Freeman III

​Local Allstate Agent


Think of Me When:

  • ​You need a roof repaired or replaced.
  • ​You need an addition to your home.
  • ​You need a deck, kitchen or bathroom remodeled.

Michael Locher

Roofing and Remodeling


Think of me when:​

  • Need tax preparation

  • Receive IRS correspondence

  • Hiring a new employee

  • Starting a business

  • Desire a business loan

  • Making a major asset purchase (Equipment, Buildings, etc.)

  • ​Thinking of taking money from 401k.

In addition to the experience and services we offer, we have teamed with a network of professionals to provide assistance with your estate planning, financial planning, individual and business insurance, mortgages, and many other professional services. We have built this network through a formal interview process and a common commitment to quality customer service. 

​While we do not try to be everything to everyone, we do go the extra mile to provide our clients a comprehensive base of trusted professionals.​

Think of Me When:

You are Planning a

  • Wedding
  • Birthday Party
  • Retirement Party
  • Any Social or Corporate Event

Janet Hall

Event Planning Coordinator

Think of Me When:

  • You know of a medical practice that needs an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution.

  • Your business has a mobile workforce.

  • Data access & security are important to your business.

Barrett Matthews

Public Adjuster


Think of Me When:

  • ​You don’t know what’s covered in your residential or commercial insurance policy.
  • You have damage to your home or business.
  • You’d like someone to negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf.

Joye Sistrunk

Certified Public Accountant

​Premier Group Services